Wednesday, 8 August 2012

An unforgettable undergo of Indian tourism

India and its ancient stories allure tourists from all over the world. It is the only nation where ‘unity in diversity’ phrase is actually followed, a place where trees and animals are worshipped, and where no matter how advance or educated you have become, you never leave the hand of your old traditions and rituals. There is not a single reason that makes holidays in India as one of the most preferred ones, but are many. 

Colorful people, world class hospitality, rich cultures, natural beauty, and amazing shopping choices are the most important assets of Indian Tourism. Every region of India has something or the other, which makes it famous, be it the great Himalayas, green Kerala, scenic east India or traditional Rajasthan. India is the only place where Asiatic Lion, one horned rhinos, and half of the total population of tigers can be seen. Apart from its fauna richness you would also get to confront the most varied and amazing types of flora at the botanic gardens and national parks of this country. Just plan up your vacations, come and undergo this amazing territory named India.

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